Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zecon Toll-Incompetent?

I would like to take this opportunity to express my disappointment on Sarawak’s very own toll company, Zecon Toll Concessionaire Sdn Bhd. I am aware that the company has come up with a new initiative to provide beloved Sarawakian with a better facility that will alleviate them. And by this, they (Zecon) had introduced reloadable toll card which takes up reload amount from as little as RM10 up to RM500. This definitely attracts the public as it shows unfussiness and simplicity since you wouldn’t need to buy the card for the minimum price of RM30 like before.

So then there I was on my way to work one particular morning, and I had purposely use the route passing the toll so that I can reload my toll card which has RM0 in balance. So there were about 3 or 4 lanes opened in front of me. I am familiar of the last lane was only being use for card holder (something like touch and go). So without any doubt, I went straight to the 2nd lane where there was an attendant standing by. When I reached the lane I told the attendant that I wanted to reload my card. And at my disappointment, I’ve been told that I need to go to the last lane (which is for card holder only and so there was nobody attending to the lane) to reload my card. If you were in my shoes, im sure you would also choose to go to the lane that has an attendant instead of the one with just a screen and a machine right? And how am I supposed to reverse my car when there were already more than 5 other cars queuing up behind my me??? And for god’s sake, couldn’t they put up a signboard or anything like that to inform the drivers which lane to go to if they want to reload their card? And let me tell you this, that was the 3rd time I went there to get my card reloaded. The first time they told me to come back when it is not at peak hours since it was right after the office hours ended at that time. So I came back at night the second time. And now they told me that the counter has closed and it is only open during daytime. Ok fine…and so I came back that very early morning and again I wasn’t able to get my card reloaded because I was at the wrong lane?! So could anybody please tell me whose fault this is? And is this how ZECON wants their promotional work on the so-called convenience to toll users being carried out? Let me say one thing straight here~to the management: if you can’t provide a good customer service, then don’t bother to come up with the idea to provide convenience for your customers!!! Period! Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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enchek said...

zecon toll staff will explain to you...firstly,if i'm an everyday toll user,i should have knew which lane for card user as if there were signboards largely written CARD or CASH...then,i will get a sales assistant at the lane to reload my card or just get pass the toll if there's credit in my card,much more easier i guess..i wont bother if there's any attendant at any lane because i know if i use the card lane i will get assist by the sales assist whenever i need to reload my card (card user) is a common sense i guess...if there's no sales assistant in the booth to help you,that is why automobile engineers designs honk in every vehicle...the 2nd lane were actually designed for big vehicles but it also can be drive in by all kind of vehicles except for motorist...we install a card reader at that designated lane for lorry card user...normally if card users card were out of credit,u have to pay cash to pass the toll and u can park your car at the roadside if u wish to reload due to traffic control (normally lorry card user will do that if they need to reload)...sure u also dont want a long queue behind it is more easier if u go to the card lane where there were sales assist to help,where our pc application were specially design to reload card and not the same as cash or other lane...any questions u can drop by...CHEERS!! Have a safer n enjoyable journey using tun salahuddin bridge