Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marina Mahathir-The Secret Weapon to the Ladies Dresscode

I was totally relieved, glad, pleased, delighted and overjoyed (okayla…I was simply happy tahap dewa! Enough said!!!) when I read up on our former prime minister ‘s daughter- Marina Mahathir’s blog at this morning. Finally, the rights to dress up for the women in Malaysia especially the muslims women has been seek to justice. In her blog she had brilliantly questioned why on earth would such absurd matter concerning ladies dress code being an issue at the parliament. And yesss…, I mean the actual Parliament where all the politicians were suppose to gather and discuss about more important things that evolve around our country’s growth and development. Well, she is damn right I must say!!! It is about time that we should be treated fairly and reasonably. The article written by Ng Cheng Yee with the headline “Skirt length become an issue in Parliament” really raise few eyebrows. It was mentioned that some visitors and female reporters were denied by security from entering the media entrance for being indecently dressed.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abd Aziz said that a person’s attire/ dress code shouldn’t be used to determine his or her values. Also few quotes from him~

"MPs can write in their complaint to me in black and white if they see someone they think is indecently dressed and we will take action"

However, sometimes even MPs wear skirts which were not knee length.

"But if they (security guards) cannot control (MPs), then don't practice double standards. I don't allow double standards in the House"

I was once being accused of indecently dressed to work which I believe, was soooo…NOT true!!! A senior A Class officer (which I am too; the different just that she’s a SENIOR staff-which to me is more like an old grumpy lady that couldn’t accept the fact that her glory times has passed and it is the time for us the younger generation to lead the department) boldly told me to my face that I need to consider changing my attire to work as to her, I am wearing a shirt that is too short and too tight! Who the hell did she think she is to set out the do’s and don’ts on work dress code when it is clearly stated in our office policy that shirts, pants and skirts are allowed (and no lengths whatsoever is mentioned in it) Well maybe now I should start thinking of a way to bring this case to the parliament and make her realize how the time has passes her all this while and for god's one wears baggy clothes that go down right to your knee anymore lady!!! Signing out. TheWonderWoman


Anonymous said...

It is sooooo true...just be urself, I believe dress code and mgmt style has its own protocol and definitely not abide on your bloody mood swing of the day ha..ha..
-tipah vogue-

Wonder Woman said...

Dear tipah voque,
thanx for the comment and i'm really glad that at least someone out there agreed with me too. she needs to get a life la!!! a better one perhaps =)