Monday, August 18, 2008

What's for lunch?

Apollo + Chicken = Apollo Chicken

Today my boyfriend and I went to Apollo Chicken for lunch, which situated somewhere in Samarahan. We were a bit shocked to discover that it was actually a restaurant all this while. For weeks we have passed the outlet and thought it was only a cold storage because it doesn’t look like a place to dine. The windows were only covered with a sticker of a chicken. And there weren’t many sets of tables too. Only today when we passed by we saw a banner displaying combo sets that they are offering which made us to stop and check out the place.
So we went in and ask the cashier at the counter whether the food they serve were halal. Although all the workers were Muslims, we couldn’t just take things for granted. Well you can say that we are just trying to be clear out about it because it didn't show any halal sign anywhere. So, when the cashier said its halal we started to choose which sets that we would like to order. I ordered a chicken burger set and my boyfriend ordered the 2 pieces chickens with rice set.

We sat at the table and it wasn't a long wait when the 2 sets of chicken with rice were sent to our table instead of the chicken burger set that I have ordered. It seemed that they have misheard our order. We ordered 1 set of chicken and rice and another set of chicken burger but what we got was 2 sets of the chicken and rice. I was a bit furious (due to the empty stomach I must say) when it happened but luckily the waiter showed us a really good attitude and went back directly into the kitchen to change the order and gave us back our money. I’m really glad with the way they handle the situation but it would be much better if the cashier had repeated our order before they start punching it in the cash register. Last week I had the same bad experience at McDonald's too. The cashier did not repeat my order and guess what happened then. A wrong order was given to me!!! It is really frustrating and not forgetting time wasting when these kind of things happen to you when you’re out to grab your meal. If I were to open a restaurant someday, this would be the most important thing I would remind my workers over and over again - REPEAT YOUR ORDERS.Anyways, did I mentioned that it (Apollo chicken outlet) has a free wifi broadband connection. And for that I would recommend it to students mainly, to go there and have it a try. Well the chicken and rice was quite nice (and it comes in a big portions too). This is my rating summary for Apollo Chicken where 10 stars is the best rate.

FOOD : ***
DRINKS : ***

Signing out.TheWonderWomen

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