Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Remain An Employee And Still Become A Millionaire?

Some people may think that only business owners can make millions and become millionaire. At one point I was one of those people. At that time i seriously believe that if you have a daily job from 8 to 5 you say, then you can definitely stop dreaming of becoming RICH!!! Period! But later i found out that the truth is, an employee can become a millionaire if they are willing to pay the price for it. The first thing they should have is just the desire to do so. It is as simple as that! Although, may i say...with that desire comes a price. A price in the form of effort, self discipline, or it may be time or even money. But if they are willing to pay the price in full they are in for a big surprise because all that will surely be paid off by the end of the day...

When the burning desire is already in you, the second thing to be done is to track down our expenses, liability and know how much is our income. By doing so, it will enable to measure how good or bad our financial health is. Most of the times we failed to notice that our expenses are way above our income. Without even bother to assume every possible consequences that could appear and the fact that it may lead to a disaster, we tend to spend more and more by day. At this point a job with a good monthly salary would mean Just Over Broke and we will be stagnant over a phase where money transits us every month. Money will go as fast as it comes. According to Azizi Ali the four steps to financial independence are:

1. Make Enough Money

2. Save Part of that money

3. Invest that saving wisely

4. Avoid major financial mistakes

These four steps though seems so easy when writing it down or to talk about it, but I assure you that to walk the talk it will need self discipline, sacrifice and a journey of ups and downs. Many would think they can do it; it's easy; or this is nothing, but in the end many would just give up and only few will prevail. So keep those desire burning. Burn it red or even better burn it all the way to black. It is our fuel to success and as we all know, fuel doesn't come cheap these days =) But we need it for our journey to success. So, Success here we come! Good luck!!! Signing out.TheWonderWoman.

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