Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Some People Consistently Unable To Manage Debt?

Nowadays we can see that more and more people get bankrupt everyday and we keep asking ourselves why? Some of them were not even among the poor and unfortunate groups of people and still they've been declared BANKRUPT!!! It is mainly because they don't know how to handle debt and to save part of their money efficiently. Thus we can assume that this is mainly due to their lack in financial knowledge. As someone with a basic knowledge (or quite competent I believe myself is) in the finance sector, I’ve read a few books on how you can handle and get out of debt. So to all readers out there, I hope with this blog that I’m about to write it can help you to manage your money more efficiently and finally have that saving you had always wanted.

There are four types of debtors or borrowers which are Wishers, Wasters, Wanters and Winners. To be able to manage your debt, you need to know what type of borrower you are and what type you should become.


Wishers are credit optimists. They have the sunny perception that they deserve the good things, that they had always wanted, that they are meant to spend it all and can easily afford it. In their happy dreamworld of credit optimism they focus on the monthly payments, not on the overall debt. Wishers, as optimists, see a brighter next year for themselves, a better job, with more income, a future whereby all money issue will be resolved. Unfortunately, not all wishes come true. Little that they know they are just going up the hill with their debts.


Wasters spend money as an escape. With low self-esteem issues, they use money to purchase things in order to feel better, relieve stress, and to escape from their problems. They like the feel and sense of something new and by spending, they feel that they can end the emptiness that they feel. But soon after the empty feeling returns there are still bills to pay. Wanters
The Wanters are those who want it now and never and won’t even think on the consequences. With low self discipline Wanters couldn’t put off immediate gratification to reach long term goals. The issue of paying for all of it later inevitably becomes a problem. Soon they will realize that they are heading for a big debt trap.

Credit Winners use good debt to their advantage. By understanding more on the credit system they are making far more money than the banks will ever hope to make. They only make debt if the debt can give them some return or profit. Winners also can put aside their immediate gratification for a bigger and greater goal.

So, to be able to manage your debt you need to identify which type of borrower you are. And you should know which type you should be, be the Winners of course!! Know your debt and make more Good Debt because Good Debt Makes You Rich and Bad Debt Makes You Poor. Signing out. TheWonderWomen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Job = Life – Dreams

I saw this equation in a television series eureka and I thought to myself how true the equation was. Now I have a really fine job, maybe a dream job to some but I still feel that I am missing something and I cant understand why am I not happy with it. Before I saw the equation I didn’t knew what it was. When I knew I am missing my dreams it got me thinking again. How could life be so cruel? How could I let go of my dreams? No wonder I am not happy and no wonder I don’t really enjoy my job.

I realize this is not what I want, I realize this is not what I had dreamed of, I don’t want to be here and I want to quit. Most part of me really do want to quit, find another job, find other people who I work with and find another place to work, but some part of me still thinks that I should stay because I want to be a winner and not a quitter. So I looked at the equation again,

Job = Life - Dreams

well maybe not i thought to,

Job + Dreams = Life (Yess! that's more like it)

From this point of view it doesn’t look all that bad; I can still pursue my dreams and have my job at the same time. I realize it is just the way you look at things, if you spend enough time to think everything through and from different kind of perspective, you would eventually find something good in everything. Life is a game we don’t know when it will end and it is a game that we must play. So we might as well play it smart and don’t rush to conclusion without thinking it thoroughly.

A job might be stressful, boring and depressing, but the only job where you start at the top, is digging a hole and we know where that leads to. We need to start hard, with sweat and tears. It is always the journey that is memorable. So enjoy every moment of it and my conclusion is to keep your job but make plans to pursue what you really want in life. If your job is so damn stressful, then don’t go and find a better job, go find a better perspective about your job, it is way much easier. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Malay Wedding (Part II)

Next is the engagement. Malay’s engagement is more or less the same with others. It involves the exchange of rings by the bride and groom. The only extra in it is the part where the love birds will have to exchange gifts as well. These gifts are usually put on a tray and be decorated nicely with flowers and so on.

Now we will look at the most important stage of Malay’s wedding which is the Akad. Akad basically refers to the declaration of marriage vows that will certain the validity and genuineness of one’s marriage. It may not be considered much as a tradition but more like an obligation to our religion, which is Islam. This process will be lead by Tok Kadi or Imam (the head of mosque) and witnessed by other members of the mosque. The father to the bride will act as the Wali, which is as the person who will lead the groom on declaring his vows.

That is all what I have to share with all of you out there based on my personal understanding of the wedding preparation from the Malay’s views. Hope you’ll enjoy this one from me. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Malay Wedding (Part I)

Coming from a Malay background, I am proud to say that we seriously know how to turn the wedding preparations and celebrations to a memorable and meaningful day in a lifetime of the newly-weds and also the people close to them. There are few stages to be considered in Malay’s wedding preparations, which are Merisik (to query), Meminang (to propose), Bertunang (engagement), Akad (declaration of marriage vows), and finally the wedding day itself.

Let starts of with Merisik. Merisik or also known as the process to query is done by the closest relatives of the man’s side, for example his aunt or uncle. The propose of this query is to make confirmation with the girl or the bride to be that she is not in any way attached to any guy or involved in any relationship whatsoever at the very moment. However, nowadays this stage of preparation seldom takes place anymore since couples already get to know each other and some even dated for years before deciding to get married.

After query, the groom’s relatives that act as his rep will once more come to the bride’s house but this time for a different reason, which is to Propose (Meminang). At this stage, both the groom and the bride’s side will discuss on the right date and time for the engagement. There will also be a discussion on the Hantaran (engagement gifts). Both sides will then confirm how many trays should be given by the groom and how many trays should the bride give in return.

A Picture of Hantaran

To be continue... Signing Out. TheWonderWoman

Friday, July 11, 2008

Something to Share

Last weekend I was invited to attend my cousin’s wedding reception held in a local hotel in town. My first thought was…, she is one lucky girl!!! Okay let us all admit that not every girl can afford to have their dreamed wedding in a hotel right? It would be like a fairy tale comes true for any girl to celebrate her big day in a hotel, with everything seems so perfectly planned; the well planned garden-like theme, the nicely arranged guests table, the delightful menus and etc. etc. But then, sometime during the reception I felt like there was something missing. Something was just not right on that night. I tried really hard to know what it was considering the reception was no where near to a mess or in ad hoc. Like I said before, everything was so PERFECTLY done! And soon, I finally comprehend the whole picture. That’s right! The only thing missing that night was the practice of traditional wedding customs and ceremony. Please don’t get me wrong on this. I do realize that we are now living in the twentieth century and so some might call it old fashioned and a conservative way to celebrate one’s wedding in this very manner. Nevertheless, without all these detail of traditions the wedding itself may lose its holy and sacred meaning. It won’t be very much remember able and meaningful for the bride and groom, their family members and also the guests. That is why in my next blog you will find me writing on wedding preparations based on my traditions and beliefs. So read on… =) Signing out. TheWonderWoman

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog It With Brain...

Nowadays, bloggers can play their part in shaping the mind and perspective of their readers. Thus, if you know you have that kind of power, why would you slam your own country? "Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku" the lyrics are so significant and momentous, but no one is realizing the real meaning of it until it's too late or gone. Why not use your blog to express the beautiful things you experience in your country. They are countless lists of interesting topics on our country you could blog about such as the festivals or events happening in our country, the amazing historical places, our mouth-watering delicacies, beautiful retreats, our unique culture, tradition and what not. If the tourists can appreciate it, why can't you? If you think our country and the government is bad, then why don't you just move to other countries and leave this one at PEACE!!!
Just because you were born in Malaysia and been living your whole life here does not mean you own it. In fact, do you think you deserve to carry that Malaysian name on your shoulder? A big NO!!! This country is for those who appreciate the true meaning of independence that Malaysia earned. So my beloved Malaysians, rise up from your unconsciousness. Do realize that we are so lucky for not having to be fearful every time we need to come out from our home, to be glad that our children are still able to get proper education and to say our prayers on the dining table for all the food that we get to enjoy.

To wrap it up, if you do not struggle & fight for the independence of Malaysia, then you will not have the right to ruin this precious motherland of ours. We as the younger generation may not have any idea at all how hard it was for our ancestors to lead our country before until it reached this current stage that we are living in now. And for this reason, I would like to remind all of Malaysians bloggers out there to bear in mind that our country is our responsibility. Thus, please love and protect your country from the no mercy invaders. Signing out, TheWonderWoman.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bloggers Spreading Rumors

I read The Borneo Post the other day and was really disappointed with the headline "Bloggers To Be Blame For Rumors - PM". It is very frustrating to learn that these “bloggers” mentioned in the headline were referring to our very own society. I wouldn’t mind if they were from other countries but please… i just couldn’t bear the thought of our own countrymen who could do such an appalling and dim-witted acts like that.

Though you can express just about anything and everything in your blog, but when you do, please look before you leap. Or maybe I should just put it this way~ “does it ever occur to you to think of the consequences before you write on something especially when it involves your own country?!!” It can have a chain reaction on things and could affect the stability of our economy. And if this thing happens, there is no doubt that the rest of us who would just want to live our lives peacefully in Malaysia, would suffer the most.

These bloggers think that they can make astounding impressions on people and really certain that they know politics and economy very well. Well, maybe some of them have good intentions in doing so and they do know little bit here and there on politics and economy, but they are not thinking far ahead of the implications and the end result of their doings. If the world knows that our country is unstable politically and financially, would there be investors from other countries investing? If you see an unstable country, would you take that opportunity to take advantage of it? If a country such as the United State starts to get involve with our political and economical issues, things would really go downhill from there.

Don't these bloggers ever think of those possibilities? If that really happens, what can YOU as a blogger do? Are you just going to throw them with your harsh words against their nuclear arms? Or maybe you would do a blog expressing your hatred on them? This is not the 40's or the 50's where u can fight war with your pen, they would just laugh and blow your brains out or just drop a little bomb and wipe our little country out from the world map. Signing out - TheWonderWoman. END.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sarawak…A Place Like No Other

Sarawak (also known as the Land of the Hornbills) together with Sabah are the two states that form East Malaysia. Located on the island of Borneo, East Malaysia is separated from West Malaysia by the South China Sea about 600 km away. Being the biggest state in Malaysia (makes up to 37.5% of its land) has definitely help Sarawak to establish its very own exclusivity from the public eyes. Apart from that, it is also known as the home of diverse ethnic groups name it the Malays, Chinese, Melanaus, Ibans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulu, and many other native tribes; each with its own distinct dialect, beliefs and traditions. Although Sarawakians practice a mixture of religions, culture, beliefs and way of life, there is never been an issue to the people of Sarawak to enjoy living their life harmoniously with each other.

So, what can you expect from the beloved motherland of mine you ask?
The answer is none other than the unique, colorful and captivating festivals to celebrate all year round, right here in Sarawak!

There are countless and unique festive occasions being celebrated by the Sarawakians such as the Gawai Dayak (harvest festival) celebrated by the Ibans, Kaul Festival by the Melanaus, Hungry Ghost Festival by the Chinese and not forgetting the most notably Hari Raya Aidilfitri and the Fasting Month celebrated by the Malays. Such extraordinary and never-been-seen by many, ways of celebrating festivals is what often attracts tourists to visit Sarawak. Take for an example, the Ibans celebrate Gawai Dayak (harvest festival) and Gawai Antu (festival of the dead) with dances and music, followed by serving their guests with their very own sweet rice wine called “tuak”.

So that is why Sarawak is the place to be. But hold on, this is not yet the end of my post. This is just the beginning of it =) Wait for my next post and you’ll love what I have to offer. I promise! Hope to see you again in my next post… Signing out, TheWonderWoman. END.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Blog Inspiration

Hey there people. Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog. Well first and foremost, I’m sure many would wonder why on earth would I want to write a blog on something very undefined, extensive or even too challenging for the public minds, (just so u know, I am not at all involved in the politics world myself) considering there are thousands and millions of other exciting topics to be written on. To tell you the truth, the pride and gratitude of being born a Sarawakian is the key factor that has inspired me to write out this blog. So my fellow Sarawakians, here’s a little shout out for you…"wake up and open up your minds…look around you and soon you will realize how blessed you are to be born and raised the Sarawakian way!!!” Don’t believe me? Read on and you’ll understand it yourself…