Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bloggers Spreading Rumors

I read The Borneo Post the other day and was really disappointed with the headline "Bloggers To Be Blame For Rumors - PM". It is very frustrating to learn that these “bloggers” mentioned in the headline were referring to our very own society. I wouldn’t mind if they were from other countries but please… i just couldn’t bear the thought of our own countrymen who could do such an appalling and dim-witted acts like that.

Though you can express just about anything and everything in your blog, but when you do, please look before you leap. Or maybe I should just put it this way~ “does it ever occur to you to think of the consequences before you write on something especially when it involves your own country?!!” It can have a chain reaction on things and could affect the stability of our economy. And if this thing happens, there is no doubt that the rest of us who would just want to live our lives peacefully in Malaysia, would suffer the most.

These bloggers think that they can make astounding impressions on people and really certain that they know politics and economy very well. Well, maybe some of them have good intentions in doing so and they do know little bit here and there on politics and economy, but they are not thinking far ahead of the implications and the end result of their doings. If the world knows that our country is unstable politically and financially, would there be investors from other countries investing? If you see an unstable country, would you take that opportunity to take advantage of it? If a country such as the United State starts to get involve with our political and economical issues, things would really go downhill from there.

Don't these bloggers ever think of those possibilities? If that really happens, what can YOU as a blogger do? Are you just going to throw them with your harsh words against their nuclear arms? Or maybe you would do a blog expressing your hatred on them? This is not the 40's or the 50's where u can fight war with your pen, they would just laugh and blow your brains out or just drop a little bomb and wipe our little country out from the world map. Signing out - TheWonderWoman. END.

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