Monday, July 7, 2008

My Blog Inspiration

Hey there people. Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog. Well first and foremost, I’m sure many would wonder why on earth would I want to write a blog on something very undefined, extensive or even too challenging for the public minds, (just so u know, I am not at all involved in the politics world myself) considering there are thousands and millions of other exciting topics to be written on. To tell you the truth, the pride and gratitude of being born a Sarawakian is the key factor that has inspired me to write out this blog. So my fellow Sarawakians, here’s a little shout out for you…"wake up and open up your minds…look around you and soon you will realize how blessed you are to be born and raised the Sarawakian way!!!” Don’t believe me? Read on and you’ll understand it yourself…

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