Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog It With Brain...

Nowadays, bloggers can play their part in shaping the mind and perspective of their readers. Thus, if you know you have that kind of power, why would you slam your own country? "Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku" the lyrics are so significant and momentous, but no one is realizing the real meaning of it until it's too late or gone. Why not use your blog to express the beautiful things you experience in your country. They are countless lists of interesting topics on our country you could blog about such as the festivals or events happening in our country, the amazing historical places, our mouth-watering delicacies, beautiful retreats, our unique culture, tradition and what not. If the tourists can appreciate it, why can't you? If you think our country and the government is bad, then why don't you just move to other countries and leave this one at PEACE!!!
Just because you were born in Malaysia and been living your whole life here does not mean you own it. In fact, do you think you deserve to carry that Malaysian name on your shoulder? A big NO!!! This country is for those who appreciate the true meaning of independence that Malaysia earned. So my beloved Malaysians, rise up from your unconsciousness. Do realize that we are so lucky for not having to be fearful every time we need to come out from our home, to be glad that our children are still able to get proper education and to say our prayers on the dining table for all the food that we get to enjoy.

To wrap it up, if you do not struggle & fight for the independence of Malaysia, then you will not have the right to ruin this precious motherland of ours. We as the younger generation may not have any idea at all how hard it was for our ancestors to lead our country before until it reached this current stage that we are living in now. And for this reason, I would like to remind all of Malaysians bloggers out there to bear in mind that our country is our responsibility. Thus, please love and protect your country from the no mercy invaders. Signing out, TheWonderWoman.

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