Sunday, July 13, 2008

Malay Wedding (Part II)

Next is the engagement. Malay’s engagement is more or less the same with others. It involves the exchange of rings by the bride and groom. The only extra in it is the part where the love birds will have to exchange gifts as well. These gifts are usually put on a tray and be decorated nicely with flowers and so on.

Now we will look at the most important stage of Malay’s wedding which is the Akad. Akad basically refers to the declaration of marriage vows that will certain the validity and genuineness of one’s marriage. It may not be considered much as a tradition but more like an obligation to our religion, which is Islam. This process will be lead by Tok Kadi or Imam (the head of mosque) and witnessed by other members of the mosque. The father to the bride will act as the Wali, which is as the person who will lead the groom on declaring his vows.

That is all what I have to share with all of you out there based on my personal understanding of the wedding preparation from the Malay’s views. Hope you’ll enjoy this one from me. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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