Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Job = Life – Dreams

I saw this equation in a television series eureka and I thought to myself how true the equation was. Now I have a really fine job, maybe a dream job to some but I still feel that I am missing something and I cant understand why am I not happy with it. Before I saw the equation I didn’t knew what it was. When I knew I am missing my dreams it got me thinking again. How could life be so cruel? How could I let go of my dreams? No wonder I am not happy and no wonder I don’t really enjoy my job.

I realize this is not what I want, I realize this is not what I had dreamed of, I don’t want to be here and I want to quit. Most part of me really do want to quit, find another job, find other people who I work with and find another place to work, but some part of me still thinks that I should stay because I want to be a winner and not a quitter. So I looked at the equation again,

Job = Life - Dreams

well maybe not i thought to myself...so,

Job + Dreams = Life (Yess! that's more like it)

From this point of view it doesn’t look all that bad; I can still pursue my dreams and have my job at the same time. I realize it is just the way you look at things, if you spend enough time to think everything through and from different kind of perspective, you would eventually find something good in everything. Life is a game we don’t know when it will end and it is a game that we must play. So we might as well play it smart and don’t rush to conclusion without thinking it thoroughly.

A job might be stressful, boring and depressing, but the only job where you start at the top, is digging a hole and we know where that leads to. We need to start hard, with sweat and tears. It is always the journey that is memorable. So enjoy every moment of it and my conclusion is to keep your job but make plans to pursue what you really want in life. If your job is so damn stressful, then don’t go and find a better job, go find a better perspective about your job, it is way much easier. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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