Saturday, August 16, 2008

Setting Up your Goals

Today I went to a motivational seminar. One of the many things that I learnt today was setting up goals. Even before I went to the seminar I knew that goals were important. A goal is the target or the destination where we are heading. Without a goal or a destination, we would not know where we are going or we don't even know if we are going anywhere at all. We might just go in circle or we did not even move an inch from where we started. So with a few readings, anyone can know the important of making goals. But tonight it was something different, to actually write down my goals so clearly and so specifically, really shocked me. To have such impact gives me energy beyond what I imagined it would be like. Suddenly everything was as clear as crystal, I feel like I can achieve anything if I put my mind into it.

We could be shocked by the power of our god given mind. It's something extra god gave us to differentiate us from animals which also have brains but they do not have minds like humans. I had studied mind and body problem before when i was doing my bachelor degree, it's actually a question whether a mind can live without a body? And whether a body can live without the mind? So, from my personal opinion, I think a body can live without a mind but it just won't be human. Maybe it would look like a human but it will be just like an empty canister with nothing inside. Maybe it will act on instinct and reflex just like animals do but human body is not human without a mind.

A mind is what drives human to do everything in this world and its what moves human from point A to point B. So, it is very powerful and to master how to use it is the key to success. It’s the key everyone is looking for, we search high and low for it but in the end it's just within ourselves. This is the only one tool we need in this whole life. No wonder why housewives, school dropouts and even illegal immigrants can be millionaires. It’s not just because they worked like hell but because they have mastered the used of their mind. How to use it? How to control it? What moves it? And How to move it?

There are so many more new things that I learnt today like positive thinking and the important of good vocabulary in life but I need my rest and I will continue it in my future post. Anyway, I am glad I went to that seminar today. Although I know tomorrow will be full of new challenges but whenever it knocks me down, I will surely pick myself up and one day I will look back at this time and saw it as a wonderful unique journey of mine. So, challenges here I come! Signing out. TheWonderWoman

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