Thursday, August 21, 2008

New System in Recruiting Public Sectors Workforce

My…my…reading the paper this morning has definitely made me realized that I should be glad to be in my current job as an employee in the public sector, and at the same time I swear that I would stop complaining on how my job sucks for most of the time! The government has announced that a new system in recruiting public sectors workforce will be implement starting end of this year. The chairman of SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam), Tan Sri Jamaluddin Ahmad Damanhuri said that the new system (which is known as the Profiling Recruitment Model) will comprise of three stages. The first stage will be in the form of examination, then followed by self evaluation and finally is the interview. All these three stages will focus on the candidate’s academic background and the overall values and attitude that he/she has. This is said to ensure that all the successful candidates under SPA will be the best among the best! So guys, this would mean a tougher challenge for you to get a place in the public sectors. I guess stability and security doesn’t come easy these days huh? But if you look at the bright side, by implementing tough recruiting policy like this, the public will no longer look down at the government employees like they normally do. A person who works in the public sectors will finally be able to give the impression of a highly educated, skillful and unique personnel in the public eyes. So I would like to wish the best of luck to all you out there in searching for a secure job. Life is journey, not a destination…GAMBATTE!!! Signing out. TheWonderWoman


anakmalaysia said...

Susah ler i nak masuk govt sector lepas ni... dah memang susah bertambah lah susah

Wonder Woman said...

Ish...ish...belom cuba blom tau la...bukan anak malaysia mesti "all can do one" ker? hehehe =p