Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kuching Waterfront…an attraction or a disgrace?

Have you been to the Kuching Waterfront lately? The so called kuching’s popular recreational spot is now a disgrace too many of us since the recent crimes that appeared to involve students, including the murder of a Form 5 student. This once favorite leisure spot for families, joggers, tourist guides and even the newly-weds taking those wedding pictures has now been tainted with loitering students in the area which has make it an eerie place these days.

It would be such a humiliation to have tourists from both the local and international countries seeing students loitering and walking in space (I’m referring to those who were high on drugs or under the influence of alcohol). This is not a place for students to loiter but then again why they are allowed to do so in the open? Where are the authorities? Isn’t there a tourist police being stationed at the Waterfront? Strangely no one is doing anything until someone gets killed! Or maybe the security guards that the authorities sent to patrol the waterfront were not fit or capable of controlling these youngsters who were consuming alcohol and drugs or those who were fighting.

So I hope the local authorities will not only take serious actions when higher authorities come down from Bukit Aman and once these officers left, the local people are back to their leisurely couldn’t care-less attitude. I am also hoping that the authorities will come down hard on traders who sold alcohol and cigarettes to the students. Placing signs to the whole stretch of the Waterfront that reads “Stay Away From Alcohol! Do Not Destroy Your Future” is not enough and wouldn’t help that much if there is no serious actions taken by the authorities. Signing out. TheWonderWoman

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