Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Not Many Non-Bumis Interested In Civil Service?

There is no doubt that government servants have many privileges compared to the private sector. The salary alone is relatively higher than what is being offered in the private sector to start with. Then there are the benefits such as good health care, yearly incentives, housing allowances and many more. However, non-Bumis were seen to be less enthusiastic to apply for jobs in the government sector through the Public Service Commission (PSC). So what may due to such scenario? Some say it is due to the non-Bumis have lower chances to be accepted in the government sectors to compare with the Bumis. And even if they were accepted, they felt that they would not be in a better position compared with Bumiputeras because of the perception that the government favoured Bumiputera workers. Or is it due to many non-Bumis preferred to earn a living by doing business than getting employed?

Well, if you were to ask my personal opinion on this matter, I definitely would say that the non-Bumiputera community had never been discriminated against. We have never seen jobs recruitment ads for civil service mentioning that only Bumiputeras are allowed to apply, or has any of it makes it a mandatory requirements for applicants to have studied in Malay school and what not (not like what we often see in the private sectors recruitment ads where it had stated clearly that applicants with fluent Mandarin is PREFERRED!!!) So there you go, there should be no more excuses for the non-Bumis to even think that they do not have equal opportunities to be in the civil service. If you have applied for a civil service job many times or filled up the online form for more than you can remember, and still not getting any feedback? Believe me, you are not alone! Even many of my friends and myself experienced that too. In fact we’ve been filling up that online form for god knows how many times. And we have waited and waited up until now, and sadly we were only called for the preliminary examination before we could be considered qualified to attend the interview. And to be honest, we didn’t get to go for the interview.

So, this is what I had to say. Never give up! If there’s a will and so there’s a way. Of course a stable job with a high salary and lots of benefits would be a hard catch right? These days, if the benefit is great, the bigger the effort you must give. Trust me, everyone can be in the civil service. All you need is just HARDWORK. If it is any help, I am now making my best contribution in the civil service and I’d still remember the girl sitting next to me on my 1st day for duty. She is one hell of friendly, intelligent and confident CHINESE lady. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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