Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Con under the Name of Political Party

“The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is currently collaborating with a financial institution on a special welfare scheme for senior citizens. Under the scheme, eligible senior citizens would receive monthly assistance of RM360 from the party through an appointed bank.”

If you have ever been approached by any person claimed to be officers from this party and offering you this sort of scheme, please be warned that it is only a scam. An elderly woman from Miri, Sarawak has lost Rm25,000 of her savings to two men who claimed to be welfare officers of the Sarawak United People’s Party. All you need to qualify for this benefit is an active savings account with a bank. The incident happened when the woman was throwing rubbish into a bin just in front of her house. Interested to the schemed explained by the two men, she immediately invited them to her house. After showing them her savings book, the men took down her particulars and she was told that she is qualified to take part in the scheme. Then, the woman was told to follow the men to the nearest bank where she would withdraw around RM25,000. After that she was driven to another bank at a commercial centre which the men said was collaborating with SUPP on the scheme. Outside the bank, the men instructed her to meet with the bank’s executive officer to make her application and briefed on the scheme. She was also told to leave the money inside the car, and they would bring in the money to join her after they could find a parking spot. Without hesitation, the woman went inside and quickly asked for the executive officer as being mentioned by the two men. To her shocked, there was no such person working in the bank. She then tried to look for the two men, but only to her despair, she found out that they have disappeared and only by then that she realized she was being scammed.

So my advice is, be really careful when being approached by anybody that you are not familiar with. No matter whom they claimed themselves to be, be it the police, the welfare officers, the government agents doing survey and stuff or even a sales person; you need to be extra suspicious towards them. Don’t put your trust easily on them as you might be shocked on what intention they might have towards you. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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