Monday, October 27, 2008

How it all started?

How it all started...Today I am going to write on the event of How Abdul Taib Mahmud a 27 years old laywer got involved in politics and from there had brilliantly lead and shape the growth of Sarawak as what you could see now?

Abdul Taib Mahmud is Sarawak current Chief Minister and had been involve in Sarawak politics since 40 nearly 50 years back. When you look at Sarawak now, you can see the progress and the development that we had achived throughout those years. Honestly I would say, if it was someone else beside our Pehin, Sarawak wouldn't come this far. To be a politician, to have just money and power is never enough, you need to get the approval from the citizens, the people's trust, have a heart that is as tough as stone, never know the meaning of giving up on your people, and finally of course to have a great vision and dreams to share with your people. This I believe is what our Pehin is made of. Without it Sarawak wouldn't come this far and he himself wouldn't still be our Chief Minister untill today.

This is the historical event:

It was May 1963, Abdul Taib Mahmud, already a qualified lawyer, found himself in the Attorney General's office in Kuching. The young Melanau lawyer had been assigned to draft a law pertaining to the salary scheme for a historic occasion - the formation of the Federation of Malaysian states, Sarawak included.

As Taib was drafting the proposed salary scheme of the State's cabinet ministers, a strange premonition overcome him as he mused: "Could I be drafting my own future salary scheme?"

Taib dismissed it as wishful thinking. Only 27, he was prepared for anything but knew that the chances of him being elected into the new cabinet were remote.

"I didn't stand a chance because the elections had just been completed and it was too soon for me. And anyway, I was too young for politics. But somehow at that moment, I had a strange feeling that something big was about to happen in my life."

This intuition would soon become reality, when on July 22, Taib found himself at the Astana, across the Sarawak River, standing before the Governor, Tun Abang Haji Openg, and about to be sworn in as a nominated assemblyman. At that moment, he felt the same feeling he had two months earlier. Destiny, somehow, had led him by the hand into politics.

Unlike some politicians, Taib had his ideals. If he entered politics, he wanted to serve as humble and obedient servant of the people. As an Honourable member of the August house, Taib noted that some people were in politics for their own personal gain and ambition. He expressed his disappointment and warned:

"People who entered politics just to ascend into higher and higher office will not have a happy political career. Nothing less than being Number One would give them satisfaction. On the other hand, if we are moved by desire to serve, satisfaction comes every time we help people."

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