Monday, October 20, 2008

Gangsterism Among Our Youths

An article in a local paper today had caught my eye with the headline “Youth in ICU after he was stabbed during gang fight” What is happening to our society? Day by day we were shocked by the frightening news of gangsterism among our youths. It is indeed a very sad thing to witness our youths to have change from being courteous, considerate, obedient and well-mannered person to someone that likes to hurt, bully, shout, ill mannered, aggressive, rude and could not care less about others. We can’t imagine this taking place.

The case was the youth was stabbed in the chest without mercy during a gang fight at the Kuching Waterfront last Saturday. The teenager was believed to be stabbed by a knife by a group of about 10-15 youths. Kuching Waterfront was originally built as a tourist attraction and for publics usage for recreational purposes has now turned into the “black alley”. Is that so?

In my opinion, the government together with the local authority should look into this matter seriously and try to come up with effective solutions to prevent gangsterism among our society. One of many suggestions would be to create or organize more programs focusing on youths. Perhaps Rakan Muda could refresh our memories on the said programs for the sake of our future generations. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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