Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Bag Hanger

Every year when Hari Raya comes, I’m sure many of you would do a massive shopping spree. From new shoes, new handbags, new perfumes, and even a new hairdo. But careful not to shop til you drop okay. Jadilah pengguna berhemat…(Yikes! look who’s talking hehehe)

So sempena Hari Raya hari yang mulia ini, let me share with all of you out there a very useful hands-on experience for you to ponder. It’s about my latest darling and madly crave thing off all time-THE BAG HANGER!!!

The bag hanger is a very tiny little thing but brings big offer to its users especially the ladies. The person responsible in inventing this gadget is superbly brilliant and simply genius!!! And should be awarded with the inventer of the year award I supposed.

Ok so this is how it works. I’m sure all of you beautiful ladies out there are aware that the bigger your handbag is, the better it be nowadays right. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how many of you would agree with me that these over-sized handbag not just give you the edge of being fashionably sexy and elegant, it also give you the extra satisfaction to be able to stuffed your bag with as many items as possible, from your mobile phones or PDAs, your iPod, your big sunnies, your bottle water, your lip balm, your facial blotters, your tissues, your pressed powder and many other things that women do carry in their bags. The only drawback of these over-sized handbags is the problem you will faced when you need to eat!!! Imagine this, you’re sitting at your table getting ready to enjoy your meal…and there it is your over-sized handbag place uncomfortably on top of your lap. So where should you put it? You can’t just put it on the table as it would be rude. Nor put it on the empty chair next to you because it may be snatch by people walking by. So where should you put it?

The answer is none other than the Bag Hanger. The bag hanger is a gadget you use to hang your handbags. It has a strong magnetic strip underneath it that holds the gadget to the table. And even if the table is not made of metal, you can still use it as the shape it was made somehow able to cling the hanger towards the table.

Here’s my fav bag hanger that I got free from Charles & Keith @ The Spring, Kuching. Spend RM260 and be a member, and it all yours… Signing Out. TheWonder

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Kenny said...

The bag hangers are very practicals.