Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CUPCAKES for all...

Year end is approaching. And to me year end means holidays as well as to celebrate various occasions with your friends! As cliché as it may sounds, but I personally think that people often favor to have their special day on this time around. Be it their birthday parties to wedding receptions, barbeques, oh and not forgetting Christmas and of course the new years. I myself had more than 10 occasions to attend to (and still counting) for the next couple of weeks. So this is where the problem occurs. What’s the best gift to get for my beloved friends??? And of course it would have to be a different one for each different occasion’s right? This is always been my misery prior to attending any occasions/receptions that I was invited to. But now, thanks to this SWEET little blog that I found on the web.- http://edacupcakes.blogspot.com/ Who would have thought that CUPCAKES would make the finest, unique, sweet and one of its kind gift that anyone would love to have. No matter what the occasions is, be it a birthday party, a wedding receptions, a farewell dinner, the New Year’s Eve or even Christmas day…cupcakes would still be suitable to be given as a gift.

So for those of you who have always been clueless on what to get your friends on their special day, why don’t you give these cupcakes a try? If it is any help, my friends and I have tried them and ~WE SIMPLY LOVED THEM!!! Signing out. TheWonderWoman

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