Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah Mall

I just love dining in at The Food Gallery at Tun Jugah Shopping Mall, Kuching. The main reason would have to be its Butter Chicken Rice dish and Laksa Sarawak offered by one of its many stalls which you may find impossible to get from anywhere that is better than here (at least that’s what I honestly think) Not just that, do you know that The Food Gallery is also one of the very few pork-free food courts available in Kuching? This was mentioned by its manager Mr. Justin Anderson when he was interviewed earlier this year regarding their promotions for the Merdeka month and the current Ramadan. He also added that with effect from the month of August, they will be providing delivery service for the convenience of all occupants of Tun Jugah Mall. As we all know, the Tun Jugah building was also occupied by a number of private sector organizations on its 4th Floor onwards. Therefore, by coming up with such service, I personally think The Food Gallery has successfully boost their marketing strategy and the whole management team definitely should be proud for having the guts to take up such challenges in order to reach their burning goals.

The Food Gallery currently has 13 food stalls operating at its premises, selling delicacies ranging from Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Western, Malay and local favorites including the peninsular famous delicacies. The newly installed ventilation and exhaust system also provide patrons with better surroundings and improved ambience so that they can enjoy their food and drinks in comfort. However, as mush as I love this place, there are yet one thing that I would love to HATE!!! The OVERPRICED food!!! First, let me set it out clearly that in this case I don’t mean for all of the food stalls. It is actually just for one particular stall. I wish I can mention the name of the stall here but I guess not.

Let just say it’s the only stall selling “nasi campur”. For a plate of rice with a piece of chicken, a piece of friend egg and a scoop of sambal, you will be charge RM9.50. So now, do you think it was priced reasonably? If you say yes, than you must be Paris Hilton or just plain “the rich and the famous”. I mean, even in KL you wont get that highly priced for a plate of nasi campur rite. I once dined at the very exclusive-like food court in Midvalley, Megamall in KL. I had a rice with chicken, beef, and vege and that only cost me RM7.80 (I even had 2 meat in my meal here)

And to make matters worse, this particular stalls didn’t display any price lists in its menu when the rest of the stalls did. This what makes me believe that the owner can simply mark up his/her price whenever he/her feel like to; especially now in the month of Ramadan where people are willing to pay for any cost in order to get their stomach filled. But doesn’t the owner know that he/she could be fine for this if the matter were to be brought up to the Persatuan Pengguna here in Sarawak??

So, here I would like to remind my fellow users/customers/patrons/diners (or whatever you want to name it), do stand up for your rights. Take actions. The government has given us our right as users so make sure you use it. Do not let the government’s hard work becoming to a waste.

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