Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Couldn’t They Just Be Glad?

Ok here’s the thing. The Budget 2009 has been declared and I personally have no objection whatsoever concerning it. To me whatever being offered by the government is good enough. Better something than nothing right? But to my despair, there are still minority groups of people who did not appreciate what the government has done. Being granted the 1 month bonus, they now demand for 2 months bonus; plus an increase in housing allowances. Well this scenario is just too sad for me to admit...couldn’t they just be glad for what they’ve been given? Considering that our country is at its critical stage of inflation and the unfavorable economy condition, what the government has to offer showed their effort in making sure the citizens wouldn’t have to suffer any further. It’s like parents trying their very best to provide their children with their wants, though it has exceed the requirement of the children’s basics necessities. So my fellow Malaysians, please take sometime to think as regards to this matter. Try putting your feet in others shoes, say the people in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. They too work hard, paid their taxes, and had to struggle damn hard to survive the brutal economy. And what do they get in return? Nothing! Not a single support from their government! Now, would you still care to tell me how unsatisfied you are with the Budget 2009? Signing out. TheWonderWoman

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