Friday, September 5, 2008

A Big Round of Applause to ZECON

Remember my blog on Zecon Toll-Incompetent? Well here’s one hell of a good news I’m dying to share with all of you. Zecon is back on the game people!!! They really take the criticism very positively. Guess what happened to me this morning. As I was driving to work this morning, I saw something very very delighting at the toll. A woman in her car in front of me was able to reload her toll card on the spot!!! And if you are wondering, yesss…it happened during the peak hours! (7am onwards) So I thought to myself, that’s new! I remember how I was madly pissed for not being able to reload my toll card on the spot or buy a new one last few weeks ago. They made me to come back at some other time where they feel it wasn’t too busy. And for that reason, it made me called Zecon’s Customer Service Line, which number was displayed on their toll card. I must admit that I was acting bit emotionally as I was at rage. I remember yelling at the innocence operator telling her that their service was the worst and I blame the management for introducing the new reloadable card system, which to me only creates hassle to road users. So what exactly happened this morning was that they (Zecon) had gathered enough attendants to get ready at the booth to receive payments made from the card sales. They also come up with the new practice whereby road users who wanted to reload their card were instructed to drive forward past the toll and to wait at the waiting bay (the middle space between each booth if you notice) for their card to be reloaded. In this case, it is to avoid long lines of cars waiting to go past the toll whenever there is a car in need to do some reloading. So there you go! Zecon has proved to us that criticism and disapproval from the public won’t stop them from achieving their goals to succeed from their new marketing strategy. In fact the criticism was their reason to improve their services. All they need to do is just to accept things positively and at the same time to polish their problem solving skills and they are ready to fight back against any complaints and censures. Well done Zecon!!! A big round of applause to Zecon Toll Concessionaire Sdn. Bhd. Signing out. TheWonderWoman

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