Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Need My Vege

Have you been to the wet market lately? I was shocked to learn that the price for leafy green vegetables in Kuching had gone up to almost double its price, as a result to recent flood and also the non-stop heavy rain for the past few days. Imagine buying only 3 pieces of chili had cost me RM3. That’s RM1 for each? Seriously, that is just ridiculously expensive! Are we facing a serious problem of shortage for vege now? Or maybe we had just been fooled by vege suppliers that are taking advantage to mark up vegetable prices due to the bad weather lately. Well, I can understand if the farmers would like to gain extra income to cover for their losses from the recent flood, but at least take consideration for others. We all have suffered from this vicious Mother Nature blow. What is more frustrating is that, those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year may just have to settle for vege-free-dishes for their guests. And you would never know when a vegan guests might just drop by your house. And if this does happen, what could you serve them other than vege, vege, and more vege! Think about it…And so I am writing this blog with the hope that the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations could take right actions to resolve this crisis. No more pricey green vege for the people of Sarawak despite the bloomy weather. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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