Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Belated-New Year!!!

Oh snap! Its already 2 weeks past new year and I haven’t even start my blogging since last year! Well, I have to say, for those who keep visiting my blog to read up new stories, I am deeply sorry to keep u waiting. I was away on vacations for almost 2 weeks. And when I got back, like always there were tons of chores need to be done and settle right away. So that’s the reason why. And now it is soon the time to celebrate the year of ox! Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates it! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Hong Pau Na Lai! Huhuhuhu…

So, the New Year is here. Long gone last year’s history and welcome this year’s new resolution. However, this year’s intro was a bit discouraging to fellow Sarawakians as our land was hit by heavy flood. But here’s a little reminder to those who had been affected badly by the flood. Gather yourself up. Be strong and ditch the cry baby behavior that’s in you. Setiap kejadian pasti ada hikmahnya. Trust me. Bukan anda seorang yang kehilangan atau kerosakan banyak harta benda. There were many other s who were also affected by it. Dahla anak-anak baru masuk sekolah. Habis terus rosak pakaian dan buku-buku sekolah. And not forgetting the households’ impact. Banyak peralatan rumah tak dapat diselamatkan daripada banjir.

So I hope we all could look past this tragedy. Let bygones be bygones. Let’s just put all our minds on the future. On the things that could be done to prevent such catastrophe from happening again. Last but definitely not the least shouts out from me, “May the force be with you throughout the journey of the year 2009”!!! Gambatte. Signing out. TheWonderWoman.

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